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Ladies and gentlemen, the hostess dress

That the process of selection of the perfect dress for a magical wedding day is a challenge in its own. With the participation of 15 years as a fashion and celebrity stylist Zoe LEM launched a hug 1960s retro style, dress collection from the 1920s.
Choose the perfect dress, the day before and Zoe. The bride's body to determine, whether it is pear-shaped or hourglass,http://www.kissdresses.com taking into account the most flattering silhouette, and to maximize the shape, height and color of the bride.
After ten years, Cat Deeley Myleene Klass and Robbie Williams, Zoe also shared her modeling knowledge and TV show as a freelance designer celebrities such as fashion show, the Wright brothers, an exhibition and 4 the forgery of the channel. This is how it started the passion for vintage clothing? Well, her mother is a big influence, love clothes and fashion. "I grew up in charity shops, markets and find great bargains, unusual places.
I am very retro clothing and more than 20 years old to 50-year-old inspiration." If there is an article of clothing every woman should have one pair of magical shorts, Zoe recommendations; launch all the way down to your bra. It is all about showing off what you think is your best assets and the rest of the cleverly disguised.
Zoe looks like style icon Marilyn Monroe inspired by the occasion. Her sexy and feminine style, embracing the concept of a voluptuous woman. This is a woman who does not avoid her curves, but use it to her advantage. Zoe words of wisdom: just because a trend is there does not mean you need to indulge. Adhere to the style to meet your body. "

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Michigan couple speed for the wedding day at MIS

Brooklyn, Michigan - Under normal circumstances, the wedding of about 100 guests. Maybe 200, if it is licensing costs. If it is a blowout event, there may be more than 300. kimberlee Kent tried not to think about the fact that tens of thousands of spectators major car racing facility will be able to look at her life-changing moment.
Complete the line, the final car crossing in Saturday's NASCAR Nationwide Series Alliance auto parts at Michigan International Speedway, 250, Kent will walk you through the orange safety cone line Victory Lane, where she will be her fiance say hello,http://www.kissdresses.com/. cloth Royce Swanson, their families and MIS president Roger Curtis. "I told Bryce our first first date, if I marry, I hope my boyfriend proposed to me on the track," Kent said. "But I always was a small town, simple girl married at the track, which is a little me than I expected!" Some people may even be posted to your Twitter and Facebook accounts wedding, to create greater audience .
Not coincidentally, social media is the outcome of the wedding on the track in the first place. Grand Rapids, Michigan northeast of a small town 34 miles - since the middle school from Greenville, Michigan, fanatical race fans - Kent and Swanson already know each other, but through Facebook's re-understanding. In 2009 their first date to go - it is not surprising, NASCAR weekend at MIS - This is a long-term cooperative relationship began.
After Christmas, they bought their first home, Kent and Swanson decided they would marry. However, they only expect a small wedding. In early April, Roger Curtis, president of Kent to the MIS system, limited to 140 characters or less messages via Twitter, the popular microblogging site. She sent a tweet Curtis asked: "Can I marry in MIS?" I wrote her right back and said: "absolutely! "" Curtis recalled. Kent in the joke, Sprint Cup driver asked the AJ allmendinger will officiate at the wedding. allmendinger, Shell-Pennzoil Dodge driver, ordained minister.
Instead, Curtis expressed their willingness to become ordained ceremony last Saturday, he will officiate at the marriage of Kent and Swanson. "This is a special and unique, she provided," Curtis said. "We joked about the fun of it, and by our, but it is still the wedding she was married to the people she encountered through the car. She likes the car. She likes this track. We want Kim Jong-il a right, I want to make sure she has a memory and a wedding heck heck. "

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Review of the Real Housewives of New Jersey: the two sides, the

This is a story - Malibu rum, fill in the New Jersey coast and the other gay wedding banquet in Chicago. Melissa and Joe's beach house, and finally completed, so they throw a big bash - for their family and friends - including a cream struggle and Melissa's new song debut.
A bikini-clad Melissa even flirting with the neighbor,<a href="http://www.kissdresses.com" title="cheap wedding dresses">cheap wedding dresses</a> so they do not call the noise complaints. Far not said that these people can teach the children of the "Jersey Shore" was arrested has not been on how the party's two things.
At the same time, Caroline, Jacqueline and companies all flying out to Chicago to attend the wedding of Caroline's brother Jamie, his long-term partner. Although this is a beautiful wedding, there is a large and ugly aspects - in fact, nuns and Joe Giudice attended.
Although it is still fighting over Teresa's recipe insults and certainly, it is hard to watch Teresa spend a day to her chest in her barely there dress, and Joe called her a prostitute in Italy, the worst yes, a new copy of the magazine, just out of the "contact" - Teresa on the cover of.
Jacqueline is the first time I saw MAG, "I am afraid of poverty," the title puzzled, she fully understood why the nun and her daughter was portrayed on the cover of a puppy. Teresa's dog frightened ... The magazine also said that, Caroline, Melissa and Casey have to bully the poor nuns, everyone would agree is absurd.
Sister Jacqueline's room to the arrival of the wedding of leadership the JAC face interview with her​​, and Teresa just laughed, and the magazine gave her a puppy and she held what editor is written on the cover. Then, she excitedly told Jacqueline that she and Joe will update their vows, all waiting for the divorce rumors to rest. JAC granted that the major breakthrough point as a nun, she has officially lost touch with reality, living in a fantasy world.[url]

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Our wedding: before 13, NBC's reporter Chris the Pollone tied Su

Chris, NBC 13 reporter, is on Sunday, meeting with friends, he and his colleagues in October 2004 Lake Innisfree Irish Pub. The two played for the upcoming 2004 presidential election and the state and national political dialogue. Sun unhappy, because she had missed the latest presidential debate. Chris told her that he has his DVR.
Their first date set. First date: the weekend, Chris had to be out of town wedding. When he returned, he invited the Sunday to watch the debate. Yang Ji Bisa in Cahaba Heights and spinach pizza. Suggestions: Chris in the Boston area, where he spent many banks of the Charles River in July holidays growing up, listening to the Boston Pops and watch the fireworks.
Independence Day is his favorite holiday. Sun has never been to Boston during the holiday, so Chris invited her to Boston in 2010. He took her to see the fireworks show choreographed to music. When the organizers of play Michael Bray "All I do is your dream," said Chris down one knee. Chris's brother caught the live video.
Later, they drove to Chris's childhood home, Chris's parents have champagne and strawberries waiting for the couple. The wedding: They exchanged oath Prince of Peace Catholic Church Hoover, which is the Church of Chris to attend on NBC 13. He left the station in December 2011 and moved to New York. The real test: in their relationship, Chris is emotional. However, Sunday vowed choked up, she said, "sickness and in health." Chris has gone through a month or two before the wedding paraneoplastic brain tumors. Doctors found in Arkansas, Chris and his colleagues routes covering the Arkansas / Austrian football game in Birmingham.
Chris has experienced a severe headache, nausea, vision loss and other symptoms. Him to the hospital, doctors found that his pituitary tumor. Emergency operation plans and his father, brother and Sunday flew to his side. Take-off on Sunday, from three weeks of work to help take care of Chris in Birmingham. During the evening, Chris' brother a heartfelt speech, which touched Chris recovery. Document this: Chris, like social media, and Twitter to share his wedding activities.
And Sunday, he created the hashtag their initials # svcp, so that their friends in accordance with friends on Facebook and Twitter Wedding "Chris's brother and another friend at the wedding, from Chris Twitter profile updates. "I think I live my life and the people are concerned about such as a public figure, I have to say," Chris said, "Why do I change my wedding day?
At home have an organ? On the wedding, the original organ case of emergency can not be performed. Fortunately, bridesmaid one is a church organist. She plays weddings, Massachusetts Organ Tradition: Sunday a handkerchief of her great-great grandmother, her clothes are new, she borrowed her bridesmaid's earrings, her underwear is blue. opening reception: it is held at the Hoover Wynfrey Hotel, a couple New Year New Year's Eve cocktail hour, dinner and dancing sitting, there is a countdown, balloon drop and champagne midnight, after midnight, the DJ to encourage Chris to sing Journey's "Do not Stop Believin '. Chris does not sing, do not know all the words. One of his best man, to strengthen and save the night.
Wedding vendors: Amanda photos; chef Bob Va nigan, red velvet wedding cake; Chris Birmingham Amerson's DJ Jack Royer is a photographer; Lori Glennon Wynfrey Hotel is wedding planner, and Tom Taylor is a florist. Duncan donut "Boston Kreme donut is the groom's table. Pablo Restaurante & Cantina, Hoover held a rehearsal dinner. Favorite gift: they are enjoying all their cooking utensils, but they really appreciate the gifts to live in Manhattan, "is expensive," said Chris.
Honeymoon: They spent seven days Maroma in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the beach. Genealogy: Sunday parents, Curtis and Sherry Remlap Vanderver. g Reece's parents are Ronald and Marlene, Massachusetts, North Andover, Pollone ever after on happiness: Sunday, January 30, tax lawyer in New York. Chris, aged 37, in New York freelance writer. they live in Manhattan.

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Unique bride said: "I do" Cotton

New York, June 7, 2012 / PRNewswire via COMTEX / - Today's bride is claimed to be the individual gown, because they love - including cotton - from a wide range of designer.
"It is appropriate to the characteristics of the most important wedding of the bride dress today (94%), and cotton style the regiment lifestyle monitor (93%), followed by price (89%), comfort (88%) and fiber content (57%), (TM) survey. silk, satin, lace, may be the most relevant wedding fabric, but the monitoring data show that the bride is still willing to say: "I do" cotton. 558% of the women said they like wedding dress made of silk, cotton (13%), polyester (7%), viscose (7%), flax (4%), however, nearly 710 women (69%) would consider buying cotton as the main fabric of the wedding dress, comfortable (32%), "looks good" (24%) and causes permeability (10%) better in the International Wedding Exhibition in New York, cotton robe is located between the more high-end label designer Claire Pettibone, who first introduced the cotton eight years ago, her wedding, is not surprising.
"refined customers appreciate the subtle details, and acknowledged that cotton is a high-quality fine fabrics and silk fabrics designer found a lovely addition to the collection.
Headlines married Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, caused the collapse of the design of a surprise ceremony in the aisle Pettibone, a few weeks before the wedding report, in the past three years, the traditional wedding desire has dropped more than 30 percent - while the wedding destination of interest (8%), unique (+6%) and "green" or environmentally friendly (L% increase since 2008, only).
cotton bride's Chris Branch Seoul, designers, modern brides are more likely to be bound by the Convention, but to call on them to a personal decision - from the emotional and practical point of view. Cole, who created carefully and low-profile cotton robe, saying, whether it is in the church or outside the house, the bride is see the trend towards a period of time.
"Trendwise, we noticed more and more brides looking for the retro elements, choose a cleaner, more simple design of a piece of clothing, excess beads or superfluous details, "Cole said.
women willing to pay an average of about $ 809 of the" perfect "wedding dress, the Monitor found that a monthly income of $ 75,000 or more women, this figure increased to 1,083 dollars Cole said "Now more than ever, the bride is embracing uniqueness, but this does not mean they do not want to maintain a timeless traditional concepts. "Cotton Incorporated by U.S. growers of upland cotton, cotton and importers of cotton textile products, funds, representing upland cotton R & D and marketing company. The design and operation of the scheme to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton.

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